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Arctic Packages

Pacific Enclosures specializes in Arctic Packages for our custom enclosures.
Our specialized design team will work closely with you to build enclosures that meets your requirement for extreme weather conditions.
Arctic Packages Gallery

arctic package Features

  • Our Arctic Encosures are constructed from a composite metal/polyurethane panels supported on a structural steel frame. Structural support framework is completely encased by the panels to minimize heat loss.
  • Major advantage to our Arctic Enclosures is lower heat loss as there are no wall studs, which in standard enclosure designs are the major source of heat loss.
  • R value of the wall, roof and under floor panels is R=6 per inch of thickness; Walls with steel studs without a thermal break is typically R=.6 per inch based on typical fiberglass insulation
  • Dampers are insulated and have a thermal breaks and silicon seals in the blades and frame to minimize heat loss and to ensure dampers do not freeze closed.
  • Our enclosures also include a thermal break between the support skid baseframe and enclosure floor to minimize heat loss.
  • Door is freezer style with heat door seal. No steel studs inside the door which  minimizes heat loss.
  • Our Arctic Enclosures include a skid base frame with wide flange longitudinal support beams with tow beams at both ends is design to be lifted and towed to site. Base can be mounted on a gravel pad.
  • All units  have a radiator discharge airflow is thermostatically controlled by modulating discharge and recirculation dampers, to return the radiator hot air into the enclosure to minimize air intake volume and cold shock.
  • Units have two motor operated intake dampers. The winter intake damper is located local to the discharge from the radiator recirculation damper which preheats the incoming cold air. A second intake is mounted at the opposite end from the radiator to provide additional cooling air in the summer.
  • Intake hoods are Arctic tee style with hinging birdscreens to minimize snow intake.